Christmas is a time for the world to celebrate and the air is filled with joyful atmosphere.  Antonia International Kindergarten has prepared a “Family Christmas Carnival” to spend a memorable morning with our students, their parents, their family members and the families who will be joining us in the coming months. 

Please pay attention to the following details:

“Family Christmas Carnival”

Date                  :   19 December 2015 (Saturday)

Time                  :   Current students should be brought by their parents to school at 8.45 am

                               Other guests should arrive at 9:00 am


9:00-10:00 – Student Performance

Upon arrival to the school, please proceed to the reception counter where we shall distribute games’ voucher to our students and other visiting children.

Then please leave the students to their class teachers who will prepare them for the

performance.  Parents and guests are advised to wait until the performance is ready to start.

10:00-11:00 - Family Games, Art and Craft, Snacks, Presents from the Santa

Children should use their vouchers to collect a stamp for each participated game or activity.   Upon completion of all events, present the voucher to the Santa and redeem a gift from him!

Dress Code        :  Students have to dress in white long sleeve tee and black long pants.

Parents, other children and guests are encouraged to dress for the festival