Antonia International Kindergarten is established and led by a group of experienced early childhood educators.  Based on the theory of “Learning through Play”, we allow children to learn daily routines, manner and character building, through play.  With a wide array of play activities, they learn to spell, Chinese strokes and shapes, mathematic concepts and calculations.  We nurture a love of learning among children and strive to develop their multiple intelligence.  We make the best use of technology and teaching materials to fulfil children’s needs for exploration.


A solid foundation in language development is also vital among young children.  We recruit Native English Teachers to conduct all English lessons, Native Putonghua teachers to teach Chinese in Putonghua.  We adopt our unique school-based curriculum to encourage children to engage in intensive verbal communication with teachers.  In such a way children’s ability in both listening and reading can be reinforced.


We strongly believe in the importance in early childhood education.  Only by nurturing children’s language development at very young age that they have the ability to manage ongoing learning in the future.



To achieve the goals we set for children’s learning, we strive to instill in the Antonia community the following values:



We do our best to ensure that your child’s abilities are developed to their full potential.


We believe in teaching our students a range of social, cultural and academic values.


Let your child’s talents shine with our school’s range of art, sport and language programs.


Our doors are always open to questions, suggestions, or feedback from our students’ parents.


We work closely with parents and children, making sure they get the support they need with their education.


Children have different approaches to learning and at Antonia, we use a variety of teaching methods.


A good work ethic is important for our students to achieve all they are capable of.


We promote an atmosphere of kindness in our school so that children learn to interact with one another positively.


We teach our students to use and expand their imaginations in both learning and play-time.


We promote self learning nurture through a supportive environment


We strive to nurture our students’ interests and abilities in all areas.


When teacher display enthusiasm for lessons children respond favourably.


We treat all our students with respect and encourage them to respect others.


We encourage and nurture our student’s social skills and teach them to work together in groups and individually.


We teach our students using a diverse array of techniques to ensure that they have well rounded, broad abilities.


We try our best to recognize each of our students unique traits – how they learn, their strengths and where they might need some help.


We teach a sound academic curriculum to the children.


We maintain a positive environment in our schools and motivate our students through reinforcement and encouragement.


We believe that each of these points is something that is not just important for a child’s development, but very necessary for their growth.