Who are in our Teaching Team?

Learning is language specific.  Language is a window for children to pick up new information and form understanding of the world.  0-6 is the prime period of time for children to learn language therefore in Antonia, we strive to provide the best teachers for our children.  They not only model the best use of language but alos create opportunities for children to practice using it.

Native English Speaking Teachers:

2/3 of our programme is delivered in English.  Our English teachers are all Native English Speakers.  They are university graduates who have been trained in teaching English as second language and they have experienced in teaching young children in accordance to the EYFS framework.  We also provide in-house training to our teachers to make sure they understand the educational needs of children in Hong Kong.

Putonghua Teachers:

The rest of the programme is taught in Putonghua.  Our Putonghua teachers have received early childhood education training in Hong Kong and are licensed kindergarten teachers registered under the Hong Kong Education Bureau.  They are caring and friendly and are experienced in designing and delivering Chinese lessons in creative ways.